Task generation and correction of the transport way by marking of main way points and stops.

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Automatic route guidance and driving directing by GARMIN electronic map.


Automatic reporting about transport arriving in the end stop.


Text messaging from operator to one (or few) driver. Capability of the message receiving confirmation and setting status feature («On the way», «Busy» or «Vacant»).

Development and production of
GPS / GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems

We develop Fleet Monitoring System (FMS) LOCARUS more than 10 years. Today we are concentrated on
the solution of problems of quality control of driving. High-quality driving saves from 10 to 15% of fuel.
If you seek for FMS like the end customer or like the regional FMS integrator, please, pay attention on the
FMS LOCARUS and make sure that it have important advantages!
Our key technologies:
  • interacting with PND’s (personal navigators) with OS WinCE and Garmin
  • the DDF - our own patented data transfer protocol for cellular communication networks
  • reports of the quality of driving like in the systems of european truck manufacturers
  • the our own file format. lmf for acceleration of rendering of electronic maps and instant contextual search
  • supporting of 1-Wire devices: readers of the proximity cards and the «Dallas buttons», and the nets of thermal sensors
  • external IRIDIUM modem as option

Customer reviews

OJSC «TEPLOCOM», Krasnoyarsk …Fuel consumption per vehicle decreased from 22.4 to 16 liters. Cost savings from installing system amounted to 2,283 rubles daily and 45,660 rubles per month. Total cost savings amounted to 28,57%… ***
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